Matzo (made from people smeared as crackers): a DNC recipe

What if the President gave a speech and

his minions didn’t pay attention?

My comment on the Wonkering (click link) above:

It’s not a Jewish problem and it’s not a libel, but I
believe I just saw a stadium full of Democratic
Party vultures make matzo out of a 9 year old girl’s
corpse, to build up their strength before they go out
to meet a bad fate in 2012. 

Their leader was even telling them not to eat more
children in public (though they are still allowed to
round up black kids and sell them to educrat unions
for campaign donations) and to behave better in
general, because he had read the polls on how the
majority of people rejected their smears (smears
like this Wonkette article) last week. But they cawed
and cackled and didn’t listen to him, and tore out her
heart and liver and ate them on national TV anyway.

And whooped with delight at the taste.


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freelance writer at Daily Caller, The Hill, reason, Breitbart
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