They Don’t Like Black People — Media Matters edition

Media Matters, the George Soros and John and Tony Podesta funded disinformation site that campaigns for censorship of the media, focusing particularly on cable news (especially FOX) and the internet, has recently started a new branch called Equality Matters, focusing on the cause of how gays are portrayed in the media.

One might wonder why this would be needed, given that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was just repealed, a 4th openly gay person was just elected to Congress, and open gays and lesbians like Ellen Degeneres, Jodie Foster, and Anderson Cooper are among the most successful talk show hosts, movie stars and directors, and news anchors.  (And among Media Matters own allies, closeted and semi-closeted Democratic Party gays and lesbians like Senator Barbara Mikulski, Gore and Obama campaign chair Donna Brazile, and Business Forward lobbyist Hillary Rosen are regular pontificators on ABC’s “This Week” and MSNBC’s “Hardball” and only their desire to acquire political power and the fear of failing to do so keeps them in the broadcast closet. Maybe Tedium Tatters should encourage its friends to come out?)  And, as many in the gay community have complained, groups like HRC (Human Rights Campaign) and GLAAD already monitor the media for false information about the gay community.  However, these groups are not primarily funded by and under the control of George Soros or the Podesta brothers.

If you have ever read the Media Matters website, you know that logic and facts aren’t relevant, since their product is mainly spin and disinformation used to delude the economically illiterate into supporting statist programs that threaten everyone’s liberty and prosperity.  This becomes even clearer upon reading the gay newsweekly, “The Washington Blade,” re-posting of Media Matter’s announcement about the launch of Equality Matters, as follows [my editorial remarks in brackets]:

Gay former conservative strategist and author David Brock, who changed sides in 2002 to become a champion of LGBT equality and progressive causes, announced the founding this week of a new initiative aimed at exposing “right-wing bigotry and homophobia wherever we find it.”

[David Brock was never a conservative strategist.  He was a magazine writer.]
Brock said the new entity, Equality Matters, would be an arm of the progressive-leaning media watchdog group he founded in 2004 called Media Matters.
[Medium Matters is a smear and disinformation site whose articles are almost always howlers exposed as fabrications and inanities.  Its writers for example do not understand how currency inflation leads to rising petroleum and food prices, and complain of “bias” when any news agency or commentator implicate the Obama regime’s profligate spending for rising prices.]
A statement released Monday says New York gay attorney and former Clinton administration official Richard Socarides would serve as president of Equality Matters. Lesbian journalist and Washington correspondent for The Advocate, Kerry Eleveld, was named editor of the project’s website,, which organizers say will provide “news, opinion, and messaging” on LGBT-related issues in the media.

Former Clinton administration official Richard Socarides will head the newly created EqualityMatters. (Photo courtesy Equality Matters)

Brock said the new entity, Equality Matters, would be an arm of the progressive-leaning media watchdog group he founded in 2004 called Media Matters.

[Sinecures for out of work Democrats.]
“Despite huge progress in gay rights in recent years, exemplified by the historic vote [on Dec. 18] finally striking down the ban on gay men and women from serving in the military, we are now living through a period of ferocious fundamentalism in the Republican Party and the conservative movement,” Brock said.
[An obvious lie.  Homophobes like the Phelps family are regularly denounced publicly, including especially on FOX News.  Sarah Palin tweets support for the repeal of DADT.  Glenn Beck supports gay marriage.  CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Committee, is retaining gay conservative sponsors even though it caused “pro-family” groups to withdraw.]
“Traditional conservatives and the Tea Party movement are united only in their contempt for equal rights for all Americans and a desire to return America to a 19th century idyll,” he said. “Equality Matters will not allow these latter-day ‘clerics’ to gain serious recognition by the media nor influence the policies that affect the lives of every American.”
[Another obvious lie.  The tea party includes many open gays and lesbians, like radio talk show host Tammy Bruce, GOProud, etc etc.  In addition surveys of tea party conventioneers, who include libertarians, independents, Democrats and Republicans, are split 50/50 between social conservatives on the one hand and by libertarians on the other, who believe government should not penalize people for same sex orientations (see:  Brock and Tedium Tatters are Soros/Podesta flaks paid to lie about the tea party, which destroyed their socialist-leaning candidates in the last election.  Indeed the month David Brock started his Equality Matters group, CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, decided to continue the participation of gay Republican groups even if it meant the departure of “pro-family” groups who had been regular attendees.]
Equality Matters has come under criticism from other gay groups (detailed in the Washington Blade article: for duplicating work already done by other technically non-partisan gay groups like GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.  What these critics don’t understand is that the purpose of Equality Matters, like Media Matters, is to create an echo chamber of fake astro-turf sock puppets who will make calls for censorship of any political opponent (from Rush Limbaugh to FOX News to bloggers) who they claim is homophobic.
So speaking of bigotry, lets look at the people who work at Media Matters.  Because there is every reason to believe that, like so many of the pro-regressives and Leftovers in DC — they don’t like black people.  They don’t live near them, even when they live in  a majority black city.  They don’t hire them.  They don’t date them.  They don’t work with them.  Lets look at their pale white faces and at their real estate choices about whom they want to live near!  It’s very revealing.  Besides continuing the common leftover practice common to NPR and MSNBC flaks of choosing to live in lily white neighborhoods in a majority black DC, Media Matters seems (looking at the writers with bylines on its site) to hire not only exclusively white people, but almost exclusively white males, and indeed often skinny pale brunette white guys who look like younger versions of David Brock’s spouse James Alefantis!
Mr. Brock lives in Kalorama, the Embassy Row neighborhood where the few black neighbors he has are most likely Ambassadors from African countries.

Zip code 20008 races chart
David Brock, founder, Media Matters for America
5.3% African American
2310 California Street
Washington, D.C. 20008

The founder of the smear and distraction group Tedium Tatters has two homes, one owned with his restraunter/interior designer partner James Alefantis.  Both his Embassy Row home (above) in DC’s Kalorama neighborhood and his vacation home are as free of black people (save the help) as they can be.

Here’s David Brock having a gay old time with Barney Frank and  local DC gay columnist Peter Rosenstein (who has been promoting Media Matters in the local DC gay paper).  (David is on the right in the sleeveless black T-shirt)

David Brock with Barney Frank.jpg
(Full disclosure:  I have attended  Democratic fundraisers at Brock’s old Rehoboth Beach vacation home — I don’t think there were any black people there either!)

Here is Brock with husband James Alefantis with whom he owns the $2 million dollar Podesta/Soros funded home above:

David Brock with boyfriend James Alefantis.jpg

Here is regular Media Matters blogger Ben Dimerio:

Ben Dimiero.png

Besides being white, doesn’t Ben look like David Brock’s husband.  Or more precisely, a 20-something version?

And here is Media Matters blogger Simon Maloy, whose task is to listen (note headphones) to Rush Limbaugh all day, in order to find out of context quotes:

Simon Maloy.jpg

He is apparently heterosexual (and even engaged to a woman who isn’t a WASP like everyone else allowed to write for  Media Matters).  But he could be Alefantis’ younger cousin too, no?

And then there is Jamison Foser, whose personal blog shows a higher degree of political and economic literacy than most at Media Matters:

Jamison Foser.jpg

Again, a nice white boy who could be Alefantis’s cousin.  Mr. Foser lives in DC’s whitest condo development, McLean Gardens, on Langley Court, near the upper crust Sidwell Friends school.

Click to view Virtual Earth Map

McLean Gardens is in the 20016 zip code which is less than 6% African American and less than 1% gay.

Zip code 20016 races chart

Ari Rabin-Havt, the internet spammer/webmaster at Media Matters attempts to channel Angela Davis and bring some color to the group:

But Jewfro or not, he’s still white.
Sarah Pavlus is one of the rare women allowed to write for Media Matters, perhaps because she is engaged to Adam Abrams, an Obama White House flak.

Sarah Pavlus (Media Matters) and WH Adam Abrams.jpg

Ms. Pavlus lives in Mr. Abrams home, and appears to be one of those rare DC Democratic flaks who actually lives in a (just barely) majority black zip code, Capitol Hill’s 20003 zipcode, or the posher (and much whiter) half of Capitol Hill in SE DC (  (20002 in NE DC being overwhelmingly majority black:  (

Unlike the multimillion dollar abodes of David Brock or Anthony Podesta, Ms. Pavlus and Mr. Abrams live in a simple half-million dollar home at 1019 South Carolina Avenue SE.

Kerry Eleveld is the Advocate magazine reporter hired to manage the new EqualityMatters website.  A former “food and beverage” worker, stand up comic, and door to door book salesperson who has spent her adult life moving to a new city every three or four years, Ms. Eleveld is again about as white as you can get, blonde and named after her ancestral Dutch village:

eleveld 2.jpg

Finally, Brock also hires some older writers who are not younger versions of his husband, some of whom have written hatchet jobs on FOX or other conservative journalists who had the temerity to expose the machinations of Brock’s political masters.  They are all as white as any line up of NPR anchors, MSNBC hosts, or Sierra Club lobbyists:

Joe Strupp

Eric Boehlert

Eric Boehlert

Will Bunch

Richard Socarides, the Clinton appointee for gay and lesbian issues who has since eked out a career appearing on MSNBC chat shows (where he is sometimes “inned,” and his homosexuality not discussed) is a somewhat tragic figure.  He is the gay son of the famous anti-gay psychiatrist Charles Socarides, who believed he could “cure” homosexuality.  I do not know if Richard was tortured the way some children of psychological theorists have been (think B.F. Skinner and stuffing children into SKinner boxes).  But it is not hard to imagine he would be attracted to a fascist movement that seeks State power to censor, punish, and redress old grievances.

450 West 24th Street.jpg450 west 24th.jpg

Socarides lives in an expensive Chelsea rental at 450 West 24th Street in Manhattan’s 10011 zip code.  His neighborhood is even less African American than Brock’s Kalorama, with a whopping 5.2% African American residents. 

 (Socarides also looks, perhaps, like an OLDER version of Brock’s hubbie Alefantis.)

Finally, Anthony Podesta, funder of Media Matters for America also lives in the a lily white NW DC neighborhood near Brock, in a $4 million mansion
5.3% African American
2438 Belmont Road NW
Washington DC 20008


Podesta funds Tedium Tatters, ThinkRegress and other websites that regularly libel the tea party movement as racist.  Yet he and his employees search out and choose to live in almost all white neighborhoods in a majority black city.
Zip code 20008 races chart

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