Where We Are and What Happened in Virginia

Dear Patriots,
Obama has asked for another debt ceiling hike and the GOP has agreed to expand programs and funding in this latest budget bill and the payroll (premium) tax cut to fund Social Security. See herehttp://www.cbo.gov/ftpdocs/126xx/doc12646/Budgetaryeffectsofthetemp…
It is just as Senator Jeff Sessions perdicted in my interview with him herehttp://www.youtube.com/user/1isaM111er?feature=mhee#p/u/14/IiF7PqfDM_U
Housing prices continue to fall except in a few places like Washington DC. We are down six million jobs since the recession began. Those who are in or close to “retirement” need work as Americans haven’t saved enough and those that have saved are having their savings reduced by artificially low interest rates and eroding purchasing power from our government printing money. The young can’t find jobs and the private sector especially the self-employed are uncounted as their incomes collapse. This is what government spending does as seen during the government created Great Depression during FDR’s reign. If government had been or is cut such as it was during Calvin Coolidge’s Presidency, we’ll recover the govt and crony jobs lost in 18 months in the private sector and be on our way to full employment and prosperity.
We need to replace many in the House and the Senate in both parties, in our State Houses and our own towns and counties. We need to seek out candidates that can and will hold the line. 
See this editorial about the state of the GOP establishment. http://www.westernjournalism.com/yes-virginia-there-is-a-republican…
In Virginia, the GOP establishment led by Romney supporter Gov Bob McDonnell, expanded crony capitalism by funding a “jobs creation” fund run by Lt Gov Bill Bolling with $65 million of taxpayer money. One of four of those jobs “created” have vanished and the private sector continues to shrink under the pressure of this mal-investment, taxes and regulation. They are lining up another $100 million for this year as consumers purchasing power continues to erode with flat wages and rising costs. ( The good news is Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is running against Lt Gov Bill Bolling who the establishment promised would get the nod if he let Gov Bob McDonnell leap frog over him.)

The GOP establishment has required for the Presidential primary 10,000 signatures with 400 from each district and only Virginians can collect the signatures since 2000. Until this year they were not checked. They changed the rules LAST MONTH. I assume they thought this would advantage Mitt Romney. So, in Virginia our only choices are Mitt Romney and Dr Ron Paul.

I choose Dr Ron Paul. He did the impossible through raw grassroots and will limit government if Congress permits it. I’ve looked into these 20 plus year old allegations regarding Paul’s newsletters and am confident that a Doctor who runs his own business and is on call can’t physically review the large volume of newsletters he allowed under his name. He has taken responsibility for them and disavowed those that went over the line. He believes in liberty, sees folks as individuals and his financial portfolio reflects his strong belief in the ruinous aspects of fiat currency.http://blogs.wsj.com/totalreturn/2011/12/21/the-ron-paul-portfolio/…
Dr Ron Paul has evangelivized for liberty, speaking to every race, creed, color and political persuasion. In the present environment of hate and division that stem from a corrupt monopolistic government presiding over a declining Nation, this classical liberal attitude that all benefit from freedom can easily be misconstrued.
My suggestion is always listen to Dr Paul first. If someone says something accusing him of X, Y or Z ask for a link to a PRIMARY source, meaning right from Ron Paul’s mouth. He has every race, creed and political persuasion supporting him. He will work with anyone who agrees to constituionally reduce the size of government.

I’ve heard complaints about Dr Paul’s limited government view of foreign aid and military intervention. A few thoughts. No ruling class from ANY Country will be happy with this. In regards to Israel, the irony is Natanyahu agrees with Ron Paul http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nmgdO-mink
Listen to what Benjamin Netanyahu said before Congress here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AahSEA3lJVs . He demands that free speech be curtailed in “legitimate” forums hence Dr Ron Paul was not invited to speak in front of the Republican Jewish Forum. Google the Nakba Law, the Boycott Law and one that lets communities reject prospective undesireable residents if you can’t read this link to the Financial Timeshttp://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/b9d90ef6-2280-11e1-acdc-00144feabdc0… and this law that limits the presshttp://www.ejc.net/magazine/article/media_freedom_in_israel_eroding… 
Here is a funny review from Jon Stewart of the Republican Jewish forum http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nBYZJ6hEag&feature=related
Here is Dr Ron Paul in response to their refusal to include a Republican candidate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGsETE1-ZoI 
In Liberty,
Lisa Miller
Tea Party WDC

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