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Ron Paul : High Unemployment Caused by Federal Reserve!


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Unemployment Benefits

One fraudulent aspect of unemployment benefits and their extension to 3 years is that many of the people most effected by the financial crisis were self-employed (realtors, mortgage brokers, home contractors) and they cannot apply for or receive unemployment benefits … Continue reading

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Boston Tea Party 12/12

The ORIGINAL Boston Tea Party – 2010 When Sunday, December 12, 2010 12:00 PM RSVP Now YES NO Meetup Description ROAD TRIP! The overall plan is to leave Philly (location TBD) late morning / early afternoon Saturday 12/11/10. The actual … Continue reading

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Super Weird: Obama Leaves Clinton to Conduct White House Press Conference

from Jeffrey Small’s blog SmallThoughtsBeing President Is Hard! Now some say he’s a clipster and a tailor’s toadAnd he could hype a miserman for all his goldSome say he’s a hipster and some say nixBut everyone’s solid when he gets his kicksHe’s … Continue reading

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Ten facts about the upcoming "Atlas Shrugged" movie

I went to Manhattan this Tuesday to the Hudson Theater to see a bit of the upcoming “Atlas Shrugged” movie.  It was the unfinished version and in its current state I thought it looked worth watching and better than direct … Continue reading

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POLICE STATE – Preschool Children Being Microchipped & Tracked Like Catt…

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