Super Weird: Obama Leaves Clinton to Conduct White House Press Conference

from Jeffrey Small’s blog SmallThoughts

Being President Is Hard! 

Now some say he’s a clipster and a tailor’s toad
And he could hype a miserman for all his gold
Some say he’s a hipster and some say nix
But everyone’s solid when he gets his kicks
He’s a shape in a drape
Joe Jackson

Here is a must-see video clip that I believe will be carefully studied in college political science classes for generations to come.

After his public “shellacking” during the midterm elections, and now facing mounting opposition from Democrats across the country in response to his willingness to compromise on his long standing pledge to raise taxes on the “rich“, Obama scheduled a conference with former President Bill Clinton to discuss a strategy for moving forward. After meeting for just under one and one half hours, the two men then attended a hastily organized press conference. After some brief introductory remarks, Obama turned the podium over to Clinton and then indicated that he was leaving to attend a Christmas party, stating:
    I’ve been keeping the first lady waiting for about half an hour, I’m going to take off. I don’t want to make her mad. You’re in good hands and [Press Secretary] Gibbs will call last question.
at which point he exited the room while Clinton could be heard exclaiming, “Help me!” — whether done in seriousness, or jest, or a combination of the two was unclear. The press grilled Clinton for the next twenty minutes, and in his responses to the first two questions, seen in this clip, it is clear that even the usually smooth talking Slick Willie cannot find any way to spin the narrative in a favorable light. No wonder Obama wanted to escape without having to face the same inquisition.
In any case, the fact that Obama would abandon the press conference to attend a party while effectively turning the Presidency over to Clinton, leaving him to explain the administration’s positions and polices, was certainly a very teachable moment, showing the entire country just where his priorities lie. But of even greater concern are the questions that this raises regarding Obama’s judgment and current mental state. Whether you support or despise his ideology, most people agree that he is facile in the art of politics, so to see him engage in a gaff of this magnitude demands pause and serious reflection.
The real significance of this event is that it has momentarily pulled back the curtain, revealing that the emperor is truly naked — bereft of any ideas or actual solutions for moving the country forward.
The Tea Party was the first to get it. Then the Republicans began to wake up. And now the Democrats are finally beginning to see the light too. How about you?

He’s just a shape in a drape.

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