Manning Up!

My sympathies have grown for Julian Assange over the past few weeks, and somewhat by transitivity for Bradley Manning. They seem to have mainly released “secrets” that many members of the ruling classes around the world are sex addicts, embezzlers, or afraid of nuclear armed Iranian theocrats. (So they aren’t all bad!) They grew more when I learned that they are attempting to use police power against Assange, NOT because his publication of these secrets broke a law, but because he “raped” some of his own fans in Sweden — and then it turns out that “rape” there in bizarro world PC Scandanavia means continuing to have sex after a condom breaks.
So I am coming to agree with Congressman Ron Paul that rather than shutting down WikiLeaks what we need are: fewer things classified as secret; fewer people with security clearances; fewer incompetent adminsitrations that do not guard secrets well; and a WikiFed or WikiObama or WikiCongress to release all the hidden machinations of the Federal Reserve System and the Congress and White House.
Currently governments are trying to shut down WikiLeaks and many sites are offering to mirror WikiLeaks and keep the documents published on the internet. Here is my proposal.
In the past some SETI related project hosted at Berkeley had this software you could download on your PC that used your CPU when you were not using it, to process signals recorded from radio telescopes and look for patterns to find intelligent life. I had it downloaded on my old PC and it produced a fun screen saver showing bar graphs and such of its own progress as it processed the interstellar noise.
I wonder if any of our libertarian cyber mavens can make a version of this for us all to host WikiLeaks.
(Just to be as gay as possible: it would be like the final “Buffy” episode where Willow invokes the Goddess and casts a spell that makes all girls who are potential slayers into real Slayers simultaneously, so there is no longer only “one into each generation is born.”)
Technologically empowered decentralization and transparency. So one of you do it or I will be forced to call ITT and go back to school.
Additionally, I think all those libertarians and others with BAs and MAs in economics and statistics and such should Manning Up and burrow in as moles, taking jobs at the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, the IMF etc. And then grab documents and make them public.
This weekend I listened to Monica Crowley observe that the administrations (like Obama’s) than can’t manage their secrets are a more serious problem than Bradley Manning’s disloyalty to his employer.  Today Rush Limbaugh observed that the Leftovers were calling Assange a whistle blower until he embarrassed Hillary, and now he is a terrorist instead.
(Maybe some software millionaire will fund this?)

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