CBS reporter Peggy Fox taunts TSA protestor

Media Sheepledom: CBS reporter Peggy Fox

taunts TSA protester (exclusive)

The current scanning and pat down procedures being used
to regiment Americans are for show, not security.  They do
not image internal body cavities, and they are used in lieu
of actual intelligence about who is planning criminal or
terrorist acts.  Most tellingly, they were instituted after the
Obama regime suffered an electoral revolt, and not after the
underwear bomber or Times Square bomber raised public
awareness of plots against our safety (and of the State’s
 incompetence to ensure it).

So the logic is that no one is innocent until proven innocent,
 and all are suspects to be seized and searched, in violation 
of the 4th Amendment.  TSArina Janet Napolitano’s plans to
 scan and frisk people on trains, buses and at sports stadiums
is only the beginning. Anyone in a major city could be
building a dirty bomb. There will be daily home inspections.
And you will need a government permit and 
clearance to live in DC or a state capitol.

It is the Road to Serfdom.

Each new abrogation of liberty provides the pretext for the 
next, since after all, we already allow this or that, so why 
not this next step too?  And each disaster — that will surely 
happen, since Napolitano and the Obama regime are both 
incompetent and unconcerned with any individual piece of 
livestock in the tax serf herd (as long as the whole herd 
produces enough meat) — will justify further regimentation 
and executive power.

As is often the case, the press is more than willing to be
 complicit, following government press releases and 
attacking dissidents.  Matt Welch at reason magazine has 
provided a compendium of flaccid and quisling headlines 
in the mainstream media.  And Glen Greenwald at Salon 
has pointed out the tendentiousness of Obama supporters 
on the “left” who have decided to defend any Obama 
policy, even when it is, as so many Obama policies are,
a metastasization of a Bush policy they were criticizing 
only a few years ago.

I was witness to such an incident this week.

I am at National Airport watching 20-somethings protest 
against TSA and for the 4th Amendment prohibition of 
unreasonable searches and seizures.  Some of the protests 
or education outreach activites around the country 
(Philadelphia, SFO-San Francisco, BWI-Baltimore, 
Salt Lake City, Wichita) were organized by the 
Campaign for Liberty.  The Reagan National leafletting 
was organized by C4L activist  Steven Bierfeldt. (Steve 
was famously harassed by TSA last year for having a box 
of Ron Paul buttons and bumperstickers and the cash from 
selling them at some midwest convention when he 
attempted to board a plane to fly back home to the DC area.)

TSA or DHS or the airport has required that the protesters 
get a permit, and did not issue them until 2:30 pm. Protester
 is actually the wrong word; they are only permitted to leaflet.  
Each leafleting protester must wear a green tag that 
designates an area they can stand in to leaflet.

They are not allowed to be in even groups of two. I just 
watched Fairfax, VA resident Brad Aefsky (not pictured in 
this blog) be taunted by the local CBS reporter Peggy Fox 
because “there was no protest” i.e. he was standing alone.

I watched him be interviewed by a series of reporters who
 asked very boring questions.  None of them seemed to see 
the obvious story in front of them, the emptiness of 
National Airport on a major travel day.  But none of them 
taunted him.

Until Ms. Fox.  Ms. Fox did not realize he was required to 
stand all by himself, and neither did I when she interviewed 
him.  But then, I am a blogger, not an Emmy award winning 
TV blond who has covered local news from Miami to DC after
 getting my BA in communications from VA Tech.  But I did 
manage to learn that about 20 minutes after she packed up 
her camera crew.  (Guess she was in a hurry to get 
back to hubby Tom Horan in her suburban Virginia home.  Ms.
 Fox taunted the protester she interviewed telling him “there 
is no right to privacy in the Constitution” and “you don’t have 
to fly.”  So if you know her home address please publish it — 
after all, this gal doesn’t have to be a reporter does she?)

After her interview Ms. Fox then editorialized, telling Mr. 
Aefsky: “they are just trying to protect us;”  “don’t you go
 to the doctor and get examined,” and, repeated a charge 
from one passer-by that using language critical of the TSA 
using words like or references to “groping” or “sexual assault”
 is (allegedly) offensive to anyone who has been sexually 
assaulted.  Her parting off-camera shots:  Ms. Fox asked the 
27 year old (male) anti-TSA leafletter “Have you ever been 
sexually assaulted?” and then said “Call me when you actually 
have a protest to cover.”

Peggy Fox
CBS reporter Peggy Fox

PS  In a cursory 5 minutes of googling I discovered that Peggy Fox did a story
on the Inaugural where she discusses the attendance of a Tom Horan WITHOUT

She also did an award winning story where she lurked on playgrounds and
bathrooms to see how easily one could be a sexual predator.  Perhaps her 
sensibilities no longer allow her to understand how TSA procedures offend


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