More victims of Rachel Maddow’s shoddy pseudo-journalism

To beat a dead and now rotting horse, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, the rest of MSNBC, and every leftover blog (including I just learned, RT — russian tv) attacked my Visitor’s Guide to DC on my “Tea Party — One Lump or Two?” blog for telling tourists to stay away from the gentrifying areas around the green and yellow metro lines unless they had a DC resident like me with them.

That was the week of the Glenn Beck rally.  One of the things Maddow et al kept mentioning was how this would deny people the ability to visit the “historic” Ben’s Chili Bowl at 13th and U Streets NW.  A month later someone was shot at lunch time in a drive by shooting aimed at a funeral procession on that block.

And then this week the following happened one block away from the Hoy Station of the Cross where I was denying tourists the right to eat chili:

(please note:  DC’s mayor and city council are 99% Democrats)

Date: Sat, Nov 20, 2010 at 11:54 AM
Subject: [WardOneDC] Brutal attack in alley – 1300 Block of T Street, NW [1 Attachment]
Cc: Dara D <d@v>

[Attachment(s) from Matt Andrea included below]I am forwarding this e-mail from my friend and neighbor Dara Duguay to this
newsgroup so that our community will know the terrible things that are
happening on what is otherwise a wonderful block.

I would also like to thank and commend Councilman Graham and senior officers
of the MPD for their concern and responsiveness.

There will be a neighborhood meeting Sunday at 5 PM in the alley where this
happened – on the south side of T Street, between 13th & 14th – close to
Café St. Ex and Café Collage.

Matt A


From: Dara D [mailto:duguayd@v]
Sent: Friday, November 19, 2010 4:21 PM
Cc: Al G; ‘Matt A’
Subject: Brutal attack off of T St
Importance: High

Dear Peter and Councilman Graham,

I live at 1818 13th ST NW- between S and T. This past Wednesday night our
French au-pair and her boyfriend who was visiting from Paris were brutally
attacked around 10pm while returning from dinner at Dukems. They were
attacked in the alley behind our home which is adjacent to the DC Parks and
Recreation building. They were attacked by 3 young men in ski masks who
beat them with guns and kicked them with their boots after they fell to the
ground. They also ripped open the blouse of my au-pair and may have done
worse if her boyfriend hadn’t started fighting back.

After about 5 minutes, they stole their belongings and left them bleeding in
the alley. I spent Wednesday night with them at GW Hospital until 4 in the
morning while they were given stitches for deep gashes in their heads. As
you can imagine, my au-pair is traumatized and will be leaving for Paris
soon. This is after almost a year here where she has loved her stay in the

I am writing you because this is not the first incident in the alley. These
comments come from other neighbors:

“I am concerned about several incidences that have occurred recently in the
area. My car was broken into on a Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago as
were 2 other cars on the corner of 13th & T St.”

“We moved into that carriage house three months ago, and in that time, we
have become aware that a few people are working the neighborhood by breaking
into cars, stealing bikes, etc. We have recovered stolen gear from the
parking space west of the carriage house, and we are in touch with the local
bike association about getting a bait bike to put an end to the theft.”

I think these incidents can be eliminated (at least in the alley) if the
evening security guard at the DC Parks and Recreation building would be
reinstalled. The overnight guard was removed last January, we were told, for
budgetary reasons.

Finally, I recovered many clues about the muggers when I closed credit cards
and stopped phone service yesterday. I have addresses of the Exxon Stations
and the exact times when they used her credit card. Most gas stations have
video cameras. I also have phone numbers that were called from the stolen
phone. I relayed all this info to Detective Bruce yesterday. I have emailed
him twice to see if he is following up on my leads and I have yet to hear

Can you help out? I look forward to your response,

Dara D & Al G

Dara D



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