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The Pilgrims and Property Rights: How our ancestors got fat & happy

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Wondering what to get your favorite Soros funded socialist for Christmas?

Mao’s Little Red Book of course!The Obama’s will be hanging them on the White House Christmas Tree. Dear Nation Friend:More new items have been added to The Nation‘s Online Auction in the last 24 hours.See what’s new right now: Original artwork from Philip Burke and Marshall … Continue reading

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Winston Bouvier Cuddlepup on TSA editorials

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George Will on Wagging the Dog

TSA Trouble Shows Disproportionate Reach of Govt Monday, 22 Nov      By George Will Fifty years ago William F. Buckley wrote a memorable complaint about the fact that Americans do not complain enough. His point, like most of the points … Continue reading

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CBS reporter Peggy Fox taunts TSA protestor

Media Sheepledom: CBS reporter Peggy Fox taunts TSA protester (exclusive) The current scanning and pat down procedures being usedto regiment Americans are for show, not security.  They donot image internal body cavities, and they are used in lieuof actual intelligence … Continue reading

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TSA Christmas Song

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Richard Epstein on Barack Obama, his former Chicago Law Colleague

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