Coons chickens out of all future debates: toe tapping in Delaware

2010’s mid-term elections have seen a number of female challengers to male incumbents observe that these male politicos are remarkably sniveling, whiny, worm-tongued and unmanly.  And indeed many male politicians are:  Congressman Anthony Weiner is one part Barney Fife, one part Eddie Haskell and two parts weasel and Senator Harry Reid is one part Wally Cox and one part dessicated cadaver.

And then there’s Delaware Senatorial candidate Chris Coons.  That voice.  One part Wally Cox and one part Dana Carvey’s Lyle the effeminate heterosexual.  That voice sets off my gaydar even as his bald blandness, mental conventionality and ethical cravenness make him physically and personally repellent.

The poor little career bureaucrat whined at his debate against challenger Christine O’Donnell at Widener Law School for the moderators to protect him.  He was so ignorant that even when O’Donnell questioned him about whether the phrase “separation of church and state” appears in the Constitution he kept insisting it is in the First Amendment.  (It isn’t, and some of the so-called “liberal” media covering it are so dumb that they didn’t realize that either. Though the absence of that phrase is a common trope in tea party, Constitutionalist and conservative discussions.)  Nor could Coons, a law school graduate, name the 5 freedoms enumerated in the First Amendment (speech, press, assembly, religion, and petition of grievances).

Like the C-Span debate, which O’Donnell won even though it was 3 against one (Coons, Wolf Blitzer, and an ignorant and smug female journalist who no one had ever heard of before and no one will ever hear of again, brought in just for her anatomy), O’Donnell remained composed and in control.  This debate was more like 5 against one, with questions being submitted by local journalists from the “Newcastle Pennysaver” and the “Sussex County Shopper,” on such extremely relevant topics as whether Congress should have to declare war against Mexican pirates and drug lords in order for federal agents to apprehend them, and whether the tea party’s platform is mainly to repeal the 14th, 16th and 17th amendments (this latter issue being a complete fabrication or delusion on the part of the PennySaver journalist — no significant discussion of such occurs in the tea party movement, which is all about reducing taxes, spending, debt, and federal and executive power).  Apparently in the offices of the “Dover Gazette and Fish-wrapper” the fact that the exploding deficits and centrally planned interest rates jiggered by the Federal Reserve System and the federal government to finance their expansion of power are leading to a great depression and perpetual debt slavery for Americans and their children and grandchildren is not an issue.  In other words, like Coons, they are too dumb or craven to grasp our plight.  They still think if you inflate or tax or borrow a dollar out of the economy to fund porkulus, you will not destroy the jobs that dollar had been supporting.  That is, they are the people who got us into the situation we are in.  (Newcastle County, over which Coons presided raising taxes and spending, will go bankrupt in 4 years.  It has a budget surplus when Coons was elected.)

Back to Loony Coons.  He has dropped in the polls after every debate with O’Donnell, he has asked Obama to come campaign for him, and there seems to be an organized campaign among his supporters to steal O’Donnell yard signs.  He is refusing to go to any more debates, claiming that debates already scheduled at Delaware colleges do not fit his schedule and that taxpayer groups that have invited the candidates to debate are “special interest groups.”  (O’Donnell appeared before mainly “liberal” and Democratic groups when invited, like the Jewish Community Center and the Unitarian Church.)

It’s not just that he is dumb, a bot programmed long ago by some Marxist professor, unable to fathom how our predicament and the looming disaster was caused by the government intervention he wants more of.  (Coons has complained that Delaware is a refuge for “old people taking advantage of its low tax rates” as New Jerseyans and others leave high tax states as soon as they retire and can escape.)   It’s not just that he is in fact a profiteer off the government he wants to expand, both as a career politician and as an Al Gore style war profiteer in the Green war on industrial civilization and prosperity.  He is also unmanly, unlikely to have the cojones to face down the establishment, the Obama regime, or the crises headed for us.  He is indeed, as Harry Reid said, Harry Reid’s pet and indeed his lap dog.  And a fixed one at that.


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