Bedbugs, Rachel Maddow, and other public nuisances

Never go to bed with a socialist; hazardous to your health

I have a friend who works in a luxury hotel in DC metropolitan area (i.e., between Baltimore and Charlottesville).  Not the Ritz-Carlton, but possibly about the 2nd or 3rd fanciest in the metropolitan area, where visiting celebutants who want to pay $3,500 a day for a suite on a top floor with their own dedicated concierge desk/personal shopper/slave boy-girl may do so.

The hotel is owned by a multinational corporation originating in a more “social democratic” country than the United States (or at least, the United States before Obama and Bush).  This particular hotel chain advertises to its guest in an unexaminedly smug and self-satisfied way about its “green” policies (honey bee hives on its roofs, employee suggestion boxes on how to save energy, ad nauseum).  Including rooms furnished entirely out of recycled materials and linens washed in tepid water with non-phosphate detergents.

And they had bed bugs this summer!

A well-heeled guest is rumored to have been recently eaten alive in the night and had to be comped spa services to assuage her mutilated flesh.

The banning of DDT, not just from crazy use on whole fields of produce, but from limited applications in residences, has already led to the deaths (or should we say murders?) of thousands of African children, whose parents cannot obtain DDT treated bed netting to protect their families from malaria and mosquitoes.  [I highly recommend the humanitarian group Africa Fighting Malaria, which opposes the excesses of the environmental nanny statists.]

I recently went on a driving tours through the hamlets of Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee, to see Rand Paul speak at Fancy Farm and visit friends for their birthdays.  And have been sporting welts on my forearms from the little beasts whom I met in some interstate motel that was nice enough to have HBO and wifi but had an unwanted amenity as well.

Not something I really needed during my week of being smeared by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, and Eugene Robinson as a racist on the national news, just because I wrote a Visitor’s Guide to DC advising on how to avoid crime (if not bedbugs).  No apology offered yet. There are pests in our public life and they must be removed.


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