The Left’s Unlikely Tea Party Target

The Left's Unlikely Tea Party Target

Wow. A center-left journalist from a liberal publication who knows how to pick up a phone, check a fact, and meet someone and interview them. And who hence gets a scoop like that the racist right wing Tea Partier was actually a major Democratic Party donor who went to Al Gore’s nominating convention, sat in Andrew Tobias’s (“The Best Little Boy in the World”) sky box, and went to Democratic cocktail fundraisers with Ellen Degeneres and Anne Heche back in the day.

The Democratic media-academic complex has tried to breed all critical thinking and intellectual honesty out of their progeny, but sports of nature like Kirsten Powers and Benjamin Sarlin keep re-evolving towards a human state.

Wonder if NBC or the New York Times will have the mental wattage to figure out that they should hire him to be a senior editor, before FOX or the WSJ, with a bigger audience and a lot more money, just bid his price beyond their budget?

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