By the way, since you people brought up race….

Rachel Madcow and Spittle Matthews over at MSNBC, the Leftover blogosphere, and assorted other mentally challenged peeps made a lot of assumptions about my “Visitor’s Guide” for people coming to the Glenn Beck event: that it had something to do with race; that tea partiers are all of one race; and that the black people they see coming out of the grand houses in Crestwood, Shepherd’s Park, Colonial Village, and 16th Street Heights (and other such areas I put in my safer zone for DC tourists) are the help and not the homeowners.

Of course, DC, like most American cities, does have “racial” problems. The Democrats who have ruled DC for decades, before I came here in 1980, have presided over a government water system with the highest lead levels in the US, which they covered up until it was exposed in 2004. They disarmed the local African American residents (much like the KKK did in the Jim Crow south) with gun control so that they would be victims of crime and their property values would plummet. They created junk pseudo-schools that a third of the students drop out of and another third “graduate” from illiterate and unemployable, there lives atrophied forever. (Although in the past few years, a few local Democrats have had second thoughts about their participation in the slave trade, and have stopped herding black kids up to sell to the educrat unions for campaign donations.)

DC is only around 55% African American at this point. Clinton, Bush and Obama have all drastically expanded government spending so that thousands of technocrats (lawyers and economists etc) have come to DC to work at 40 hour a week jobs that pay $80,000-125,000, and they have driven out working class or unemployed people (including African Americans). Since our system of state controlled education herds most working class African Americans into lobotomy pens misnamed schools, they drop out or do not have the GPAs to attend law school and get government subsidized loans as do the white “liberals” who are repopulating DC.

It is a regular complaint in DC, from many groups in many neighborhoods, that “those” people are driving “us” out, with the “those” and the “us” changing as you change zip codes. Which if you work in real estate you hear about all the time (but are forbidden from discussing with a customer, under the Fair Housing laws, which violate the First Amendment rights of all real estate and mortgage industry workers).

I have many a time been in Dupont Circle showing a gay customer property, who would complain to me about how wealthy heterosexuals are moving in and pricing him out of the market, now that we gays have made it so nice. So then we go look at Columbia Heights (which many responders to my blog amusingly assume I have never been in), where posters pasted on utility poles or articles in the “City Paper” or people screaming on the street complain about the gays or yuppies taking over. On one sojourn into Petworth with a young Asian/Caucasian lesbian couple looking for a home (with both sets of parents in tow), some charming tween urchins educated by the DC schools screamed out at the group “You will be our slaves someday!”

I don’t know if this is better or worse than the gang of teen boys who followed me and two female condo shoppers, all bundled up beneath hooded jackets on a blustery MLK day, through Adams Morgan along Mintwood Place a few years ago screaming “Do you want to party?,” “Can we come in with you?,” and “Do you like black cock?” When these students of the charm schools Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton has wrought realized I was a man they became befuddled and apologized to our threesome. (Super weird, huh. Radical feminist theoreticians should feel free to blog replies.)

So DC, like many cities certainly has radical racial segregation and a lack of opportunity for African Americans. Caused mainly by the Democrats who preside over the (de facto) segregated “schools” they have been protecting for decades.


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