Last refuge of scoundrels

For the past two days, I have been attacked on line and on TV as a racist for writing a guide for tea partiers coming to this week’s Glenn Beck rally (or other marches on DC) at my heretofore almost unknown blog “Tea Parties — One Lump or Two?” ( I am a racist because I advised people to avoid whole sections of our collapsing and dangerous subway system (Metro) unless they took a local like me with them.

What’s really funny is the complete journalistic incompetence this has shown. It’s like I (and my linked Maine tea partier blogger Andrew Ian Dodge) set a booby trap for MSNBC and the Leftover blogosphere. I have long been of the opinion, even before the Journ0Lists story broke, that other than the Drudge Report and the National Enquirer, many journalists are nothing more than flaks for the political class, covering up their failed stimulus programs, and their exercise of seignorial rights to interns, masseurs, and campaign staffers. This week confirms that for me.

First the Huffington Post and Rachel Maddow erroneously inform everyone that my guide was
written by someone in deepest, whitest rural Maine, when I have lived in DC since 1980 (and before that lived for years in Obama’s old south side neighborhood in Chicago).

Then Maddow comes up with a map of where I told tourists it would be safe to go on their own, that consist of a teeny area of the Mall, downtown, and West End. When I clearly said all of the red line in Montgomery County and NW DC and everything west of 14th Street (which includes the historically African American neighborhoods of Crestwood, Shepherd’s Park, Colonial Village, and 16th Street Heights). One wonders how many Oxford dons one has to blow to get a PhD when one cannot read?

(In Maddow’s defense I believe she was depending on the accuracy of blogs called “Little Green Footballs” by some coward named Charles Johnson, who has blocked my ability to reply to his innaccuracies on his blog, and something called produced by people in Manhattan who claim to know about DC, even though they don’t know any of the geography I just mentioned above.)

Then the Leftover lemmings from the Huffington Post on called me a bigot who was telling people to avoid gays and racial minorities. When I am openly gay and have dated someone from every race and ethnic group on earth, with the exception of Chechnyans, Aleuts, and Eskimos (and I am currently single so if you are reasonably attractive, a good conversationalist, and are in those groups feel free to give a call).

Next a purportedly award winning journalist named Andrea Stone at AOLNews wrote a (slightly more balanced) piece wherein she claims to have tried to reach me repeatedly. No calls, no messages, no emails from her. When I check, just out of curiosity, Andrea and I have 8 FaceBook friends in common. And my phone number is listed. The leftoid Talking Points Memo (which wrote its own Journ-0-Lisp reproduction of the HuffPo stock piece), WMAL radio, David Weigel from Slate. and local WUSA Channel 9 and a local FOX affiliate all managed to call my listed number. Woodward and Bernstein move over — Andrea Stone is on the beat!

Then MSNBC, which is infamous for having NO African American hosts or co-hosts, employs mush mouthed hack Eugene Robinson on the Maddow show, and that more honest and respectable African American guy who appears on the McLaughlin Group (his name escapes me) to chortle on about how my guide would prevent visiting tea partiers from eating at Ben’s Chili Bowl (didn’t Michelle Obama say not to eat that stuff?) at 13th and U Streets. Apparently the almost all white MSNBC network needed black faces to give them some street cred on DC neighborhoods.

Now we know that Chris Matthews travels far and wide to find lesbians to molest, sometimes all the way to Burbank, but I suspect I have been out dining and dancing in the New U way more than he has — and more than Robinson or the other guy. And, as pseudo-journalists and pretend DC citizens, they seem unaware that the New U clubs had stabbings and shootings that led openly gay, left-liberal, Democratic city council member Jim Graham to consider shutting them down ( I guess Jim Graham has been a Manchurian candidate all this time, a secret raving right-wing conspirator of the Tea Party. Welcome aboard Jim! Cosmos at 5:00 at JR’s?

So it is moral and thoughtful to tell tourists to go to this neighborhood at night and to smear me as a racist for telling them not to do so, according to all white MSNBC. Right Chris! It seems that that tingling synapse in your leg is the only part of your central nervous system that is still alive.

What this whole megillah shows us about the Leftovers is what we knew from the first time high school drop out Janeane Garofalo pronounced on the psychology of tea partiers: the left is intellectually bankrupt. Obama is flailing — at this point his best strategy would be to campaign FOR Republican candidates. Boxer, Reid et al will soon have to become lobbyists or beg Obama for ambassadorships to support their tax predator ruling elite lifestyles. All the Keynesian hogwash their PR flaks spew is rejected by a growing majority of voters (even if in their own little caves at HuffPo and Salon the inmates think “Mises” is the plural of “mice”). They have nothing left but seizing on anything they can and screaming racism. The one tool in their box, and it no longer works. They have already lost this election. What new form of scapegoating and demonization will they invent for the next one?

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