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MSNBC in a tail spin

My neighbor just told me that she heard from our mutual friend whose dad was a Congressman (so maybe he knows?) that MSNBC has detailed staff to follow me and investigate me. Poor things.  Can’t take a widdle bwog.

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Bruce Majors on the Dana Loesch show today

97.1 FM in St. Louis and also streaming internet radio

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Bedbugs, Rachel Maddow, and other public nuisances

Never go to bed with a socialist; hazardous to your health I have a friend who works in a luxury hotel in DC metropolitan area (i.e., between Baltimore and Charlottesville).  Not the Ritz-Carlton, but possibly about the 2nd or 3rd … Continue reading

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SFL Leader Ross Kenyon Published in Christian Science Monitor

SFL Leader Ross Kenyon Published in Christian Science Monitor

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NBC’s dishonest coverage

NBC wanted to emphasize the Christian cast of Glenn Beck’s 8/28 “Restoring Our Honor” rally so they instructed their camera crew to film the Jewish guy with the AK47 but to crop out his horns and hooves.

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to maddow

Just found a new word in the OXFORD English dictionary:  to maddow (v.), to pull a maddow: to smear, libel and vilify an innocent person or persons based on ethnic, racial, geographic or political identity, because of a failure of … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck,The Panel,The Economy

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