$10,000 if you can prove you aren’t just another Al Sharpton Hoax

I have been to every Tea Party in DC and most of those in Annapolis and half of them in northern Virginia.

I have never heard anyone use the N word. I have seen a lot of DNC and SEIU employees with identical signs being rude and goading people.

There seems to be no video or audio of anyone using the N word and amazingly not a single security camera or traffic camera showing anyone throwing a brick. Given the constant lies of leftovers, demwits, and their media allies, once can only suspect this is all a Towana Brawley/Al Sharpton hoax to keep people from talking about Obama and his healthcare fascism dropping in the polls.

There is a $10,000 bounty for anyone who can show proof as opposed to making smears:

2010: A Race Odyssey; Disproving a Negative for Cash Prizes or, How the Civil Rights Movement Jumped the Shark http://is.gd/aYMZT

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freelance writer at Daily Caller, The Hill, reason, Breitbart
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