Sunday March 21 at 11 am Tea Party palooza continues

Tea Party palooza continues at Sunday 11 am outside the Capitol RotundaShare
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Today’s tea party with thousands of Americans who drove from San Diego, Dallas, Princeton, Philadelphia, Nashville, Birmingham and everwhere made so much noise the House Rules committee recessed its activities after voting not to use “Demon Pass”

No Democrats came out of the Capitol, which we encircled, except for Sheila Jackson Lee, who came out briefly and hid behind Capitol police carrying rifles and then ran back inside when someone screamed out “Sheila, where is your cell phone now?” in reference to Congresscritter Jackson’s contemptuous deliberate cell phone conversation last year at a Townhall meeting when a cancer survivor was speaking to her about her fears of government rationing panels.

New chants included “Nancy,” and “Come out and Play,” “We will remember in November,” “Li-Ber-Ty,” “It’s our money!,” “He Lies!,” and “Kill the Bill!”

The Capitol Hill police seemed particularly fascistic, controlling who crossed streets around the Capitol, carrying large rifles and holding them in prominent display, and wearing sunglasses.

Photos of the events including Sheila Jackson Lee, the heavy weaponry, and sunset on the rotunda will be posted at the website soon.

Good signs of the day included “No One Paid Me To Be Here” and “There Is Free Cheese in a Mousetrap.”

Tea Party palooza continues: Join me Sunday 11 am on Capitol Hill for a vigil:

Please go to the front page of ResistNet to hear the audio update on the Code Red Rally in DC today by Darla Dawald, ResistNet’s National Director

Visit Patriotic Resistance at:

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